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Here are our games for the 2015 season:

Our Next Game

Join us for a historic event, the first-ever international USARS game, where we take on the National Champions of México, Minervas of Roller Derby Guadalajara. Get your tickets today >




Our Sport

You probably have heard about roller derby and maybe you have attended a few "bouts" (we prefer to call them games), but even if you haven't, we would love to tell you more about the history of the sport and how the Red Hots are part of a new movement that is trying to make roller derby a mainstream sport.
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Our Style

We play under the USARS Roller Derby rules, which are a little bit different than what you have seen before. Our players are not allowed to stop or stand on the track and there is not skating in the opposite direction. This makes our games fast and fun to watch, which is why our fans love our style.
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